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Centerpiece Vases & Candle Staging

centerpiece staging & candle staging

Centerpiece Vases & Candle Staging

Text By Angela Santana

Pictures Provided By Patio Shoppers

December 2015 Post: I do own a vase or two just like the ones pictured. I found this picture as I was looking for centerpiece vases & candle staging ideas.

I will be using the ribbon idea at the bottom of the vases. The little votive will not be the aluminum, I have found some that are clear plastic. Or, I may just use my trusty LED lights.

January 31, 2016- I have decorated my vase at the bottom with bling and I love it! I have decided to fill it with decorative flowers and give it to my daughter when she and her future husband set up housekeeping.

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Centerpiece Idea

Decorating tables for a Fall wedding reception can be done simply and elegantly without breaking the budget. Utilizing natural elements, such as pine cones, berries and grains can enhance any table centerpiece. Candles, glass vases and baskets can be used as central pieces to hold the elements as well. A backyard wedding reception can be …

Source: Decorating Ideas for Backyard Fall Wedding Centerpieces – Patioshoppers blog

Suggested Reading: Corn husks reimagined

Write a desired message on the chalkboard, and hang the wreath. Corn Husk Candle Holder. Create a rustic candle holder or vase with corn husks and a strip of burlap. Find various vases and candle holders at the dollar store. Materials. A vase. Corn husks.

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One of My Simple DIY Projects

one of my simple DIY projects

One of My Simple DIY Projects

Text and Picture By Angela Santana

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Simple DIY Projects

I was asked to construct a simple pair of candle holders representative of the winter season. This was done for a winter-themed wedding and I set my budget as a mere $2. Therefore, I went to the thrift store and found these glasses that I love.

Norman Rockwell is one of my absolute favorite artists. He used to draw for the Saturday Evening Post. So, I have found the glasses for 50 cents each and I found the candle holders for 50 cents each as well. I brought them home and cleaned them up.

During one of my Wine & Crafts with Friends® sessions I came with these props and showed the participants how I had these made in less than 5 minutes. Here is what I did:

I took my clean, dry props and set them out. Then I glued (using E-6000 glue)  the candle holders to the bottom of the glasses—yes, I did make sure they were centered.

I then waited a while until the glue dried. I then painted the candle holders with pearlized paint  and let them dry. After all of that was done, I simply glued the bling to the top using adhesive bling and secured it with craft glue.

When all the dust settled, the picture you see above is the finished product. I then demonstrated how these candle holders can be added to a centerpiece to make it beautiful. I filled the glasses half way with craft snow substance and insert my LED tealight candles.

DIY Projects

Final Thoughts

I do not always post my step-by-step pictures as I was never expecting to launch my DIY’s as an actual blog. I will be doing that sometime in the future. So, you can see that DIY items do not necessarily have to take up a lot of time and money. Feel free to send me pics of your DIY projects with instructions. Have a great week!

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These Colors Will Put You Into the Fall Mood!

these colors will put you in the fall mood

Fall Wedding Colors

Text By Angela Santana
Photos and Inspiration Provided By: The Knot

These Colors Will Put You Into the Fall Mood!

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I don’t know about you, but I always need great pictures to get me into the fall mood. Just seeing the different shades if yellow, orange, and green makes me feel warm and fuzzy.

Yes, I am a fall baby, thus, my love for all things fall. I am able to put a full array of colors on display with impunity. I do use these types of pictures and colors for creative inspiration

The cake above is a great example. It is simple, yet colorful. The size is good and the floral spread is really pretty. The forest green strands at the base of each layer adds just the right amount of color to keep the eye interested.

Invitation Idea

This is really beautiful for the invitations. These would be a pretty simple DIY for invitations. All you have to buy is the invitation paper, raffia string, tags, and leaf decorations.

When I look at any wedding inspiration I always look for ways to DIY. Truthfully, I am not exactly cheap and want to keep all of the money, I truly using my creativity to bring the ideas I have in my head to life as I can not always find a design I am happy with and just buy it.

If you are anything like me you would get your friends together and solicit their advice. I’d have them write down their own separate ideas, put together a scrapbook, or make a portfolio of inspiration—which is what this blog is—and send it to you so you can activate your own creativity.


The picture to the left is giving me an idea to make a fall leaf invitation using the public domain photo I found on the right. I will probably work on it and post it here some day.

I will eventually post some free templates here for you all to download and use.

I really do like these centerpieces as they add so much great color and variety to the color scheme. However, I am not too fond of the height of the centerpieces themselves.

I do like centerpieces that do not isolate one side of the table from the other. I want everyone to interact equally around.

The weddings I consult for always ask my opinion about centerpieces and I tell them that the centerpieces should let everyone interact equally. I do not like when I have to look around a plant to see someone’s face, I don’t know what you think. Share your comments in the appropriate area.

More Pictures for Your Fall Mood:

Fall is one of the most popular times to plan a wedding — and for good reason! See fall wedding colors, invitations, flowers, and more fall wedding ideas.

Source: Fall Wedding – Fall Wedding Ideas – Fall Wedding Colors

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Pie Stand DIY Project

pie stand diy

Pie Stand DIY Project

Article by Angela Santana
Pictures provided by Starr Struck

Thanks to Mary Catherine Starr, I remembered that I have made something like this before. My project, however, was a little different from the pie stand DIY project shown here.

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This is a great pie stand DIY project. I just go to the thrift store and purchase china and nice candle holders, or stylish glasses. I then take my E-6000 glue and get the stuff together. My first plate was not centered, so I suggest you get the holder or cup centered before gluing it. Use a pencil to mark the spot and you will be fine with centering your candle holder.

Buy “A Kiss And We’re Off” for $41.98 at Walmart. Click picture for details.

These are not my pictures, but I have found these pictures out there and they jogged my memory. I have spent about $1.00 per plate when I found what I needed at the thrift store. These stands can be made and sold to customers. However, I would suggest you advertise it as a decoration and not an actual cake stand IF the stem is thinner.

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Pie Stand DIY Project

Source: DIY Wedding Projects: Pie Stands & A Meerkat Cake Topper – Starr Struck

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Fall Rustic Wedding Drink DIY Idea

fall rustic wedding

Fall Rustic Wedding Drink DIY Idea

By Angela Santana

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Look at this great fall rustic wedding drink idea for those of us who want a traditional fall wedding complete with all the fixins’. Guests can self-serve their drinks . You can find the container at just about any store all over the place. I do, however, prefer to have one that has a spigot attached especially if children will be allowed to participate.

I also think that a spigot is a lot neater than having to scoop and pour. I am not the most coordinated person and I know that there are several people out there just like me. You should consider this while planning your wedding drinks. This display can also double as a favor idea for the kiddies.

I have also seen drinks served like this for the adults, but with a few more alcoholic additions to the mix. Here is a good link for DIY apple cider MOM’S HOMEMADE APPLE CIDER NON-ALCOHOLIC.

Now, let’s remember to add the hard cider resource. EASY DIY HARD APPLE CIDER. Go ahead and get some friends together and try out different recipes. This will be great prep.

An item on Polyvore

Source: Rustic Wedding Style : Wedding Food & Drinks Gallery : Brides – Polyvore

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Yes! You Can Do It Yourself and Get Beautiful Arrangements

yes you can diy and get beautiful arrangements

Yes! You Can Do It Yourself and Get Beautiful Arrangements

                      Text By Angela Santana

Pictures and Inspiration Provided By Edyta Szyszlo

Take a look at the pictures above! They are some beautiful arrangements. Would you believe me if I said that you can do it yourself and still get the same results? Well, it can! I can give you two words to say how: Planning & Patience! As long as you plan ahead and get these things done, it will be.

You can purchase all of the containers at the thrift or dollar store. All of the thrift stores I go to have a nice section with, what they consider, old tins. You can use them as planters for your flowers. And, if you are not much of a green thumb like me, get to clipping those 50% floral bunches at your local craft store. You will find a lot of great deals and not worry about spending too much. You can easily visit Pinterest for floral hacks and make some great arrangements for low prices.

Photos courtesy of Martha Stewart You guessed it!  Do it yourself crafts are huge for weddings in 2009.  I think it’s a combination of terrible economy, budget-friendly ideas and well, people are super creative these days!  I wanted to share some of the great diy ideas for your floral wedding centerpieces out there – everything […]

Source: Trends of 2009 – DIY Wedding Flower Vases – Edyta Szyszlo: Product & Wedding Photography

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Simple DIY Fall Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

simple diy fall wedding centerpiece ideas

Simple DIY Fall Wedding Centerpiece Ideas


Here you see some simple DIY fall wedding centerpiece ideas that look beautiful. Look below the pics to see how I would DIY them:

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For this one, you can find a fishbowl while shopping at a thrift store.The surrounding candle holders can be found at any store for about $1 each. Candles can be found anywhere, but I always go to craft stores that offer clearance prices for candles. You can make a very beautiful centerpiece with these simple items for about $15.

TOP LEFT: You can always find the vases shown in the top left at any thrift store ranging from 50 cents to $1. They are all available at different sizes and shapes. Just give it time and several visits to thrift stores to find what you need. The less patience that you have, the more you will probably pay.

TOP RIGHT: This is the easiest. Just purchase small pumpkins, carve it, put it on a plate and circle it with leaves and insert a candle.

BOTTOM LEFT: These are easy to make. You can buy any kind of glass or vase, wrap scrap silk or ribbons around them to color coordinate.

BOTTOM RIGHT: get clear candle holders, wrap them with ribbon and glue the pre-made card to the front. Add a candle you find at a clearance price at craft stores and the cost will be minimal.

Source: Best Wedding Decorations: Diy Fall Wedding Centerpieces Ideas


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Book Lover Wedding You Will Fall For

book lover wedding you will fall for

Book Lover Wedding

Hi! I hope you are well. I wanted to post this. I will not be using these centerpieces just like this, but I will be integrating them with the Fall theme. I will just use the books as well as fall decor. This is a book lover wedding you will fall for!

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This idea is a very easy and affordable to pull off. I have purchased these types of books from the thrift store in bulk for only 50 cents each. I have Mason jars that I have found in the alley by my house—Yes, I did wash them. I use coupons and go to the local craft store and buy my fall-themed silk flowers for about 70% off. I can make this concoction for approximately $6 total. I also LOVE these antique-looking typewriters and cameras. You can find some of them at local antique malls or even thrift stores. These pictures are great inspiration for how you would like to stage your centerpieces and displays.  I will also be hosting a Wine & Crafts with Friends® party so we can cut out our very own hearts from the pages of old books. 

Book lover wedding, book bouquets, literary wedding details, literary wedding inspiration.

Source: Book Lover Wedding



Put Mason Jars, Candles & Books Together, What do you get?


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Vintage Themed Wedding DIY My FAVORITE!

Vintage Themed wedding DIY

Vintage Themed Wedding DIY My FAVORITE!


I have to tell you, shopping for specific items to use in a wedding is always hit or miss. It all depends on when you can get to the stores. I always ask the thrift store when they stock new items. If I can, you can make this vintage themed wedding DIY.

However, the picture above is my absolute favorite. Look at the detail of the jewelry box. It was artfully crafted and has the perfect wear. The person who donated it did so because one of the drawers would push in a little too far. Well, I found use for it on my mantle. I have rented it out twice for wedding displays. The box cost me only $1.99 at Goodwill.

Here is the second one:

Vntage Wedding DIY Centerpiece

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Everyone loves this owl centerpiece. While perusing an Indiana candle store, I found the owl for the clearence price of $5.95. I knew I would have use for it as I truly like the color. I put colored marbles into the candle holders—that I made for a little over $2—and added tealights to the mix. They were beautiful and add great character to the mix.

You can also do this by yourself. All you need is to coordinate your colors and you will have your own unique masterpiece. I have since taken this display out of commission and use it for my own house decor. I always have this guy out when it’s not Christmas.

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EASY DIY Wedding Favor You Can Make in 1 Evening

EASY DIY Wedding Favor You Can Make in 1 Evening

EASY DIY Wedding Favor You Can Make in an Evening

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I have to tell you guys, I really love these easy DIY Wedding favor ideas…a lot! And, why do I like easy DIY wedding favor ideas? Well, it’s because I LOVE my Wine & Craft events and sometimes I get some hostesses and guests who will get a little “schnockered” a little early on. I know that I do control the flow of alcohol when I am hired to host an event, but sometimes the ladies do prep a little before the actual event.

Therefore, it is easy to just grab a bag, fill it with coffee beans, place the sticker on the bag and wrap the package in cellophane — which is what I have done for one of my Wine & Craft nights. While these are not my pictures (see below for original post), I have done simple items like this using personalized M&M’s, chocolate covered espresso beans, jelly beans, etc…

You can buy bulk coffee mugs HERE or you can look around the thrift store and find them for a much cheaper price, I have found mugs for .50 cents a piece that I was able to use for favors. I will be advertising my services very soon so you can see what I mean by “Wine & Craft Events”.

Source: 5 EASY DIY Wedding Favors You Can Make in an Evening

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DIY Wedding Favors are So Fun!

DIY Wedding Favors are So Fun!

Planning A DIY Wedding Is So Fun!

I have done almost all of these DIY projects before. They are easy and very quick to do. My favorite is picture #1. I actually do have teacup plants at home for myself.

Affiliate Links are posted here. Please see our Advertising Disclosure Policy HERE.



This is my favorite project thus far. I always start with just seeds and I grow them right in the cups. I care for them and nourish them carefully. Eventually, I do transplant them into bigger pots. However, I do keep them in the teacups until they are strong enough to transplant. Remember to line the teacups if you do plan on using them.


Thi is a great idea for wedding favors. You can find bottles all over the thrift store and purchase them cheap. Simply wash the jars and fill them half way with water. After that, you can strategically place fresh cut flowers to the jars. I definitely would not give a wedding favor like this to small kids.

Bulk Coffee Beans Roasted 25 lbs

I think that this is probably the easiest favor. All you have to do is order the bags already printed out and you can fill the bags, seal them, and pack them up for the big day.

Since these are not exactly kid-friendly, I am making popcorn balls for the kids at my daughter’s wedding and adorning them with cute little labels.


Dried Flowers and Lottery Tickets

I really do like this idea. It is really creative and has literally extracted some of the vows from the wedding and is attempting to make them true for some guests. Yes, these tickets can be for people only over the age of 18, but I see no harm in letting the kiddies scratch off the tickets.

My Favorite!

Oh wow! Do you know what this is? It is my favorite favor of all time! Not only do I purchase my favorite moonshine to fill the jars with, I will also have a lot of fun making these favors.

All you need is the Mason Jars, paper bags and the labels to tie everything together. This would be a good gift for those members of the wedding party who are a little intimidated by standing in front of people.

However, I’d ask them to use caution and drink ONLY to take the edge off until the reception. After that, they are on their own!

 Shot Glasses


Yes, you can purchase personalized shot glasses for your guests to give away as favors. See HERE for vendors who will send you stickers.

The only thing you have to DIY is stick the labels to the shot glass, wrap them with cellophane, and tie them up.

This would make a great wedding party craft and wine night.

Now that we’ve covered wedding colors and favor ideas, it’s time to discuss five tips and tricks I’ve found that I hope will make your DIY wedding as budge…


Source: Planning A DIY Wedding – Part Three – Evermine Weddings

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Some Successful Fall Wedding Centerpieces and Table Decorations

successful fall wedding centerpieces

The Secret of Successful Fall Wedding Centerpieces and Table Decorations

Text By Angela Santana
Pictures and Inspiration Provide By Divine Dinner Party

is… That you probably already have some of this stuff lying around in your house, so it may not cost you as much as you would pay for a ready-made product. Take a look below for the most successful fall wedding centerpieces I have found.

Disclosure: I have used these pictures to construct my very own centerpieces, they are not my pictures. Please see the “source” portion at the bottom of this post.

I post affiliate links here. CLICK HERE for more info regarding affiliate links.


I made a fall decor centerpiece just like this one for my fall table. What I like about this one is the simplicity. This is not my picture—see the “Source” below—but I have purchased the glass candle holders from the thrift store at $.50 each (X 4 is $2.00). The legume mixtures are sold in stores by the bulk for about $4.99/lb. I have purchased candles from a wholesaler on Amazon for $25.00 with free shipping.

I have some nice pine bushes in my front yard and cut scraps from there. With that I was able to add the nice embellishments.

My Work

I love the fall season and always have these items around the house. Here is what I did for my own centerpiece:

I kept the jars, but painted the tea light holders white as I do not like the foil-looking bottoms, but since they are the cheapest I do buy them and paint the outside white.

I order fall leaves from Amazon—free shipping. When walking my dog, I pick up the pinecones from the alley when they start falling, they actually last for a long time. I just stage them, light the candles, and there you go!

I really do like this one. It is a little more expensive, but it is very colorful. This is something that I would plan for ahead of time. Don’t forget to grab items such as wax fruit and berries because they will always come in handy when making a centerpiece.

We always have our pinecones at the ready to stage. I have actually spray-painted some glitter on my pinecones because I love BLING!

One thing I have to remember to do is to immediately take pictures of my work as I

On my last trip to the thrift store, I have found a nice jar such as the one shown here. I love sunflowers and will use them.

What I really like about this picture is the brown tinted glassware. It causes the centerpiece to “pop”. The mini-pumpkins add character and the brown candle holders seal up the centerpiece nicely.

For the candles, you would use a color candle that is integrated with the color of the jar to add a little color variety.

Creative ideas for fall wedding centerpieces for any budget. Lots of cheap autumn table decorations for a wedding or occasion and great photos, too.

Source: Seven Fall Wedding Centerpieces and Table Decorations

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Creative Fun: Read This for a Great DIY Wedding Centerpiece


Creative Fun: Read This for a Great DIY Wedding Centerpiece

Article by Angela Santana
Pictures by Romantic Decoration Now

DIY Wedding Centerpiece (Romantic Theme)

I am a sucker for a DIY romantic wedding theme. Why? Well, this is something an aspiring bride and her wedding party can use this to create a strong bond between them. When I look at these pictures it inspires me greatly because these centerpieces are made without breaking the bank.

I post affiliate links here. CLICK HERE for more information regarding affiliate links.

You Can DIY Wedding Centerpieces and Have Fun!

Get your wedding party together and go “thrifting“. You will each look for the items you see below and see if you can compose a great centerpiece. Looking at these pictures, I can see that these centerpieces will not cost more than $10 each.

If you go to a thrift store and see these types of items for more than $1, walk out. I go to the thrift store and find them for approximately 50 cents each. I NEVER go over $1 each on these items. Chances are that you may have some of these items lying around and may not have to pay a dime!

Here are a few ideas to consider while assembling props: 

— Make it a girl’s thrifting day and blitz the stores in your area. You can all stay together or split up. Have a couple of ladies look for books while the others will look for vases and drinking glasses. Turn it into a scavenger hunt.

— Have each person declutter. I guarantee that you all will find things that you can utilize for your centerpieces and not spend an extra cent! Then set up a time when you can all get together and compile what you have, make a list of what you still need. Divide up the list and conquer! Remember to schedule time for lunch or small snacks, you do want the wedding party to bond.

Get Flowers That Are Out of Season or Marked Down

Believe it or not, you can find some great flowers at a local craft store. I do all of the time because I go straight to the mark down or clearance flowers that are missing pieces and buy them for a fraction of the price. One thing to remember: Buy flowers that can be removed from the stem easily. You can rearrange them into a nice bushel and place them into a vase.

One More Thing

Study these pictures for inspiration and remember to experiment with your staging of the props, take a picture of your favorite one and immediately box that centerpiece up for easy storage and set up. Keep these pictures stored and remember to share them with the people helping set-up the venue.

Photo Source: Shabby Chic Wedding Ideas | Romantic Decoration

50 Wedding Ideas You Haven’t Already Seen All Over Pinterest

While Pinterest has a wealth of wedding planning inspiration, not every bride wants her big day to feel like it’s straight out of a well-curated board. But where’s a girl to go to find the next big thing? The pros, of course! Here are 50 new and super


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Summer Flower DIY Idea


Summer Flower DIY Idea

Article by Angela Santana
Pictures Provided by Junebug Weddings

If you are looking for a great outdoor summer wedding idea, look no further. This picture is sufficient for you, here is a great summer flower DIY idea for you.

I post affiliate links here. Please CLICK HERE for more information

This is a great sun catcher. You can find used bottles—like those neat Starbucks frappuccino ones—and hang them with some jute string.

My favorite is the chalkboard. My daughter has no seating plan and wants us all to co-mingle and get to know one another.

We’ve collected some of our favorite diy wedding decor inspiraiton from Junebug brides for you! Feel free to add these crafty ideas to your Pinterest board!

Source: DIY Wedding Decor Inspriation

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Summer Wedding DIY Glitter Candle Holders


Summer Wedding DIY Glitter Candle Holders

Article and Instructions By Angela Santana
Picture Provided By One Wed

Summer Wedding DIY Glitter Candle Holders

These romantic looking summer wedding DIY glitter candle holders are not only beautiful, but they are so easy to make. I have made quite a few of these in my time, I will show you mine eventually, I want to take this opportunity to share these very easy instructions.

I post affiliate links here. Please CLICK HERE for more information regarding affiliate links.

These are very easy to make. All you need is:

— Baby food jars,

Painter’s tape,


Glitter, and

Tealight candles.

All you have to do is to tape over where you want plain glass. Place glue where you want the glitter to stick, sprinkle the glitter and let it dry.

The estimated time to complete 10 of these is about 2 hours minus drying time. I’d give it a couple more hours if you are looking for the drying time. The level of difficulty if 2 out of 5 stars. When finished, just add the tealight candles and light them up.

Source: summer wedding DIY ideas sparkly glitter candles votives

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Amazing Rainbow Wedding Cake


An amazing Rainbow Wedding Cake

Witten by Angela Santana
Pictures Provided by Peonies and Pearls

As I said earlier, political agendas mean nothing to me. I do hope that you, the reader, understands this and will still follow my blog even if we do not agree completely, I just want to show you this amazing rainbow wedding cake.

Rather than say I am a lover of rainbows, I am more a lover of colors. The below cake is no exception.

I post affiliate links here. CLICK HERE for more information regarding affiliate links.

As I sit here, I am trying to figure out how this cake was frosted. It looks like a lot of time was invested in making this cake so beautiful. At closer look, I see that the frosting was applied using colored icing.

Well, a cake that looks like this is one that cost a pretty penny. I do admire anyone who has the time, and patience, to get such a piece of beauty made. I don’t have much to say regarding this picture, just let the cake do the talking. Enjoy!

Peonies & Pearls is the ultimate UK Wedding & Lifestyle Blog for fashion forward brides and grooms.

Source: AMAZING SEVEN TIER RAINBOW WEDDING CAKE | Peonies & Pearls – The Ultimate UK Wedding & Lifestyle Blog

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Rainbow Wedding Cake


Rainbow Wedding Cake

Article by Angela Santana
Picture provided by Cakes for Wedding

Political agendas and identity politics mean nothing to me. I do not care what the rainbow means. All I have to say is: I LOVE rainbows! What I really do like is the variety of colors displayed. You can mix and match, combine and conquer, or just sit and look at the variety of color displayed by rainbows. Check out the rainbow cake below:

I post affiliate links here. CLICK HERE for more information regarding affiliate links.

A rainbow wedding is something I would have. “Why?”, you ask. Well, it’s because I can never decide on a particular color theme. Since I am so indecisive, I would rather have the full color of the rainbow. It has always been my dream to have a wedding that looks like my personality.

Ever since I stumbled across a rainbow wedding cake I am fascinated by them. Like I said, I do not care about political agendas, I just love color. If I can do it, I would love to have a rainbow wedding with a beautiful rainbow cake. Stay tuned for many more rainbow cakes I will be featuring.

Source: Wedding Cakes Pictures: Rainbow Wedding Cakes

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DIY Summer Wedding


DIY Summer Wedding

Written By Angela Santana
Pictures Provided By 3D Memoirs

Hi there! I wanted to share a very simple post with some summer inspiration. While searching ideas for writing, I came across this very visually stimulating picture and my head was loaded with ideas for a DIY summer wedding.

This picture motivated me to extract the colors from the pictures and see how anything in the above picture can be DIY. The author of this blog said that they modeled the color scheme after sherbet ice cream.

I post affiliate links here. Please CLICK HERE regarding more info on affiliate links

I love sherbet ice cream! Therefore, I really appreciate this picture. The bottom left vase can be spray painted in gold. The circle photo booth backdrop can be made with heavy stock paper, and

Next, you can buy these taper candle holders from any dollar store, spray paint them, then have the embellishments added to finish off the look.

Lastly, the succulent can be added on top of sea glass to accent the centerpiece. Succulents are pretty cheap at the beginning of the summer and are easily obtainable. This is something I would make sure to do a day before the wedding so they can look fresh.

In Conclusion

My goal for this article is to encourage creativity within you. With enough ideas and time, you can put together a really nice DIY summer wedding.

Summer is the most perfect time of the year for a wedding–I LOVE summer weddings! To kick off this summer, 3D-Memoirs featured a DIY Summer Bridal Shower Inspiration post including some awesome DIY i

Source: DIY Summer Wedding

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We Came, We Saw, We Had a Wedding! Wedding Run Down


We Came, We Saw, We Had a Wedding! Wedding Run Down


September 17, 2016 came and went. Ashley and Josh were married, she was so beautiful. Check out this wedding run down:

 — September 15, we found out that we would only have approximately 3 hours to set up for the wedding. Period. I spent a lot of time thinking of who was helping set up as well as what they going to do. Thank goodness the centerpieces were all assembled in their respective boxes.

   — We had to buy gifts for the wedding party, but didn’t know exactly what to give, so we had to get creative.

   — We spent a day running around looking for props so we can assemble a nice wedding arch. I was surprised as to how cheap the arch cost.

  — Other events planned for the wedding had to be scrapped due to time constraints, such as the unity candle and photo booth.

All-in-all, the wedding was great! I was running all over the place, so I could not get any pictures of my own. Here are a few:


The Venue

The wedding ceremony and reception was held at Graystone Wine Cellar in Columbus, Ohio. There were 10 dinner tables and each one had a unique centerpiece representing Autumn. I had to take these pics from friends who attended the wedding, it will be a little time until we get the pictures from the wedding photographer.



This was one of the many centerpieces. I made about 13 centerpieces, so we had plenty to go around. We even integrated the extra decorations into the existing centerpieces. This was the fun part.


Family Picture

We took pictures with the bride and groom. My opinion was not positive as far as how  I looked. There was a lot running around prepping for the wedding that I was not able to get dressed until just a few minutes before the ceremony. I was not able to put on my press-on nails, make-up, jewelry, and so much more. It is no matter because the wedding was beautiful and there weren’t many dry eyes there.


The Cake

Here is a picture of the cake, it was so good! I am not a cake-eater, but I was on Saturday! The Maid of Honor and bridesmaids adorned it with the fall leaves and other props that I have provided.


All in all, the wedding was beautiful and we all had a great time. The assembly and break down was a little hectic, but everything was just beautiful. If you want to know how to get a wedding together with just a few minutes to spare just message me.

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Final Countdown


Final Countdown

By Angela Santana

Please forgive my absence from Yo Santana. We are at the final countdown that leads to my daughter’s wedding. She will get married this Saturday and we are so excited!

Yes, I did shed my tears because my baby is leaving me, I just hope it is the end for me. At this time, we just want this wedding to be over with.


The wedding is the coming Saturday and we have been busy! We finished up the wedding favors, the Mr & Mrs banner, the centerpieces, and so on.

After the wedding I will be posting as many pictures as possible. I will also publish a post titled “The Anatomy of Planning a Wedding” complete with actual plans and checklists. This will help immensely for those of us who are not planners. We have done a lot of work, but it was not too hard as we scheduled way in advance.


I just spent a majority of the weekend because a last minute flu got me down—Again, thanks to advance planning! I am still clearing up, but I have two last things to do and then it is self-care from here on out.

Unfortunately, I have got to go, but I do promise that I will be back with a whole lot of content for you to enjoy. Thanks!

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The Craft Aisle! Dollar Store Series Part 2

craft aisle

The Craft Aisle!
Dollar Store Series Part 2: Wine Carafe & Vases

Text and Pictures By Angela Santana

Welcome to part 2 of my Dollar Store Series. I am posting pictures of my recent trip to the dollar store along with any ideas that go through my head as I am perusing the shelves of the dollar store. I have to break this down as one post is way too much. Remember to subscribe so you can follow my posts. Let’s get started!

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In this first picture, you will see what looks like a wine carafe. There are many things you can do with these.

dollar store carafe

With this carafe, I can spray paint it any color I want and use it as a vase for my floral    arrangements. Or, you can use this idea from Create Craft Love.

create craft love

Or, you can find some colored vases and just fill them with an arrangement.

colored vases

Simply purchase a colored vase and fill it with flowers to achieve a successful design. Feel free to experiment while in the store, I do this all the time and attract crowds, we toss around some ideas then amicably go our separate ways with our designs in tow.

In Conclusion

There are a couple of takeaways here:

— Feel free to look around and experiment, also,

— Make friends while testing out your designs.

Have fun!

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Never Pass Up Visiting a Dollar Store! Dollar Store Series Part 1

dollar stores series part 1

Never Pass Up Visiting a Dollar Store!

Text and Photos By Angela Santana

 When asked how I save so much money on wedding centerpieces and wedding favors, I always have to say, “Never pass up visiting a dollar store.” When pressed to elaborate, I always say, “Because you’ll never know what you’d find!” Take a look at this first-in-a-series post and see if you can find a couple of ideas.

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Dollar Store Pics

Every time I go to the dollar store I find great supplies for my DIY projects. Let’s take a visual walk through my most recent trip to the dollar store:

dollar tree flowers

Just walking in the door I encountered this beautiful display of fall flowers. Immediately, the gears started going in my head with visual ideas for these flowers. I can make wreaths, flower arrangements, and/or centerpieces with only a couple of bushels. I decided to take a walk into the craft aisle right behind the display and saw this:

dollar store candle holders

Someone made the above display with the candle holders and accent sea glass. This is a great idea with a couple of tealight candles to complete the display and you’re good to go. The total cost for this would be about $5. I also found the engraved stones at the Dollar Tree for $1 each. I just snapped a picture of them because they would be great for another project. Here is the last picture for this post:

dollar tree star

Last picture: I just panned the camera to the left and saw these other candle holders. Personally, I like the holders that resemble glasses for my own candle idea. I just wanted to show you that you can use either of the holders that are pictured. Even the star dishes would be just as good. Stay tuned for the rest of my dollar store series and see if you can combine and create using these ideas.

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