The Cutest Christmas Post Ever!

The Cutest Christmas Post Ever! By Angela Santana   I am nowhere near to being what you would call “A Softy”. All that gushy stuff used to irk the hell out of me. Seeing the doting couples out there all over each other always made me say, “I give it a year…maybe.” Well, the high […]

It’s All About the Bling for Christmas!

It’s All About the Bling for Christmas! By Angela Santana I will be honest, if the bling is beautiful it does not have to cost an arm and a leg. If the cost and brand name, I’m sorry but I can be of no help. This post has a three-fold purpose: To share some beautiful […]

More Vintage Looking Brooches

More Vintage Looking Brooches Yes! I was able to find a huge lot of vintage looking brooches once again. No one has requested these, I am posting them because I love brooches. Maybe it is because I am taken back to my younger years when I used save up to purchase them from local garage […]

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