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We are a very simple group of people who belong to groups consisting of independent authors. It is very difficult to get our works out there into the mainstream. Competition is fierce when you are against the greats such as James Patterson, Stephen King, Danielle Steele, Nora Robert, and more. Lord forbid they’d ever take a look at our works and offer a small critique or review to us.

Long gone are the days where people genuinely volunteered  to donate a few minutes a week to help out. Since no one has our backs, we have to have each other’s. I gladly serve my fellow colleagues. We do not profit from any free promotions we promote. The ONLY way we make money is from our Amazon Store and any advertisements shown on our pages.

We have great news. Our viewership has surged to 1,000+ views a week. This is due to a lot of hard work, money placed on ads, and networking with fellow bloggers, joining banner exchanges, and so much more. There are no strings attached to any of the free book promotions that we display here. However, we do want to warn you that some free book promotions do end before others. Thank you!


“Who is your audience?”

My audience is anyone who is looking to expand their virtual library without breaking the bank. I first discovered that I can find free Kindle books on Amazon about 5 years ago. After downloading my first few titles, I was addicted! Since then, thousands of titles have made it to my virtual library without paying a single penny.boy-or-girll-200x300 About Us

I’m a mom, a busy mom. But only when my son is at school during the day. You’ll be lucky to get me on the phone after 3 p.m. as I am probably on the road picking him up from his clubs or taking him to other appointments.

So, I take advantage of the time I have during the day to do what I best, research. After I am done with my chores in the house, I sit down and start looking for the latest out there that I can take advantage of.

I often post the really good ideas on social media for my to enjoy. They do like what I post and tell me that I can be pretty resourceful with finding good deals. I figured I’d try my hand at this.

mother-and-kids-300x201 About Us

“What is, “Inspired by Necessity”?”

Besides this being my tagline, was born out of necessity. Between the years of 2014 and now, I went from having two jobs to having none.

Our finances took a huge hit and I have had to get creative by cutting out unnecessary spending, couponing, and finding deals all over the neighborhood and internet. The struggle got real and we are still working pretty well by controlling our spending and seeking out the lowest prices for things we need. So, this website/blog was inspired by necessity. It was really difficult for a while, but we made it through with a lot of planning and prep.

“What is your job description?”

As the owner/operator of Yo Santana! I do everything here! As a blogger, we are encouraged to do what we have passion for. My passion happens to be research. The deals I find all the time are just the fruit of my resourcefulness. I love what I do, even though it doesn’t pay well…yet.

coney-island-251x300 About UsMy second favorite role is that of a “Personal Shopper”. People inbox me all the time asking me to research items for them. What they mean is research something that is nice, and a good deal for them. Since many of these people are working outside the home, they don’t have the time to research products. That is where I come in. I look through my resources to find a similar item and send it to them so they can it.

 “How do you get paid?”

In the interest of complete transparency, I make a small commission off of the items I post here and a purchase is made. My services would cost you nothing, but I would appreciate it if you purchase your item from the links I send to you. They have a special code that tells vendors where the sale is coming from and I get paid when I reach a certain threshold. The links take you straight to the vendor and I do not know who purchased what. I just find out when, and if, a sale is made.

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