advertising disclosure policy

Advertising Disclosure Policy

Advertising Disclosure Policy

By law, I’m required to be transparent with my audience. Please read my advertising disclosure policy and contact me if you have any more questions.

I will earn a small commission off of any complete purchase you make. We call these links you would click, “Affiliate Links”.

What is an affiliate link?

An affiliate link is a unique code that a business gives a website owner to track where a purchase comes from. We take these links and post them for consumers. When you make a complete purchase I will make the commission.

Are there any threats to my privacy?

No, I only find out what product is sold, not who it is sold to.

Do you see my payment information?

Again, no. I have no access to your personal information. You will complete your purchase at the third-party vendor site. I assure you that your information is safe from me. The only thing shared is my unique code within the link you click to the vendor, nothing more, that is how my commission is calculated.

If you have any other questions, please CONTACT ME here.

Additional Disclosures:

REMINDERS: The reserves the right to end at any time. So, please remember to do the following: Double-check the price to make sure the book is still free, make sure you download the books right away. Lastly, send your to for these freebies.

DISCLOSURE: I am NOT responsible for any quality issues with any Kindle e-book you download. If there are any problems, please contact .com for more information.

LASTLY: The books posted here DO NOT reflect the values and beliefs of Yo Santana! While we post books that may be contrary to the court of public opinion, the need to inform the populace is more important by stating different opinions and letting the readers decide.

Contact Angela Here

Contact Angela Here

Feel free to leave feedback. Use this form to contact Angela if you have any questions, comments, concerns, and complaints. Thanks!

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