Huge Selection of FREE Kindle Books for 1/25/16

Huge Selection of FREE Kindle Books for 1/25/16

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Save $14.99

Philly Thompson lives alone with his cat, Irving, in a one-bedroom apartment in Chicago. He worries about his weight, frets about his job, longs to get back with his ex-girlfriend, and wishes his ma would stop nagging him. To you and me, a pretty average guy. To Jesus, the raw material for a miracle . . . or two. When this ordinary guy stumbles into an extraordinary experience, everything seems possible, except staying stuck in that same dull life.

Seeing and hearing Jesus right beside him rocks Philly’s world and reaches beyond him to his coworkers, his girlfriends and his family. Too bad no one else can see or hear Jesus there. Will Philly be rejected yet again? Will they just decide that he’s crazier than they imagined? Or will they let Philly’s contact with the Divine lift them out of their suffering and light their lives with hope?


Save $10.99

What could be better than marrying your soul mate, with whom you can share the rest of your life? Sharing Jesus with that person.

Kayla and Jason have been married for three months, when she begins to hear a disembodied voice. After Jason contemplates putting her away quietly, for her approaching insanity, he hears it too…


Save $2.99

The plot was predicted long ago. In the Bible we read “the old snake, called the Satan and Satan, who tricks the whole universe” This huge, major and ancient conspiracy began in the youth of the mankind and continues to this day. A secret society that controls most of the Western World.


Save $10.00

Twins, Aedrik and Aedrian, and their younger sister, Ashdan, are the youngest to rule the criminal world of Western Jesimae in living memory. Aedrik’s defeat of the previous Rogue at only twenty-two has become legend in that part of country even just a few years later. King Besian’s alliance with their enemy ruling over the East has forced them to hatch a treasonous plot: to kidnap the Crown Prince and ransom him for information.


Save $5.99

Imogenia unexpectedly finds herself in the Afterlife, having to navigate between the Unclaimed Baggage department, the Unfinished Business office, and other governmental agencies. Against a backdrop of soul music, she encounters all manner of new experiences from black, frothing, arsenic-spiced drinks, to guest services personnel, and more.


Save $4.99

A true eye opener on things you never knew about the Internet.

The Internet is full of BlackHat people who want to benefit from you indirectly but leave you damaged silently. The BlackHat Way exposes some of their popular methods in story-form. Blacky Bolton, a curious young guy, embarks on a journey where he discovers what BlackHat means and uses some underground techniques to make a ton of money online in a way that is not known to most people.


Save $7.99

Fresh out of art school and creatively unfulfilled, Molly is stuck in the suburbs with her parents and their cat, Pishi. When she is offered an opportunity to cat sit, she sees it as a way to get closer to her friends who live in the Los Angeles Arts District while fulfilling her dream of making a living as an artist.


Save $14.99

Mads and Signe are very young when they get married. They are ready to take on the world starting with their honeymoon to Egypt. Two years later, Mads is in a coma and Signe has vanished from the face of the earth.


Save $1.00

Archibald “Arch” Stan was a local cop in Midian, Tennessee that was good at his job. Lafayette Hendricks is a drifter, a broken-down hitchhiker blown through Midian on the prevailing winds. When Arch catches him in a fight on the town square, though, things start to get weird, fast, because the guy he’s fighting doesn’t die when he gets shot.


Save $2.99

The End. Azrael the Angel of Death, grabbed Abduls’ soul from his smashed and mangled body as it lay on the cold wet asphalt road. Parted from his motorbike, Abdul didn’t die alone. He killed Jenny, an innocent six-year-old girl she was asleep in the backseat of her mothers’ car. Seconds before the crash they were strangers.


Save $.99

Tokyo Noir is a new type of series patterned after the best contemporary TV dramas. Its gritty atmosphere, complex characters, visual style, and fast-paced action make it just as addictive and binge-worthy as some of today’s most engrossing TV series!

It offers a fresh take on a classic genre by blending the moral ambiguity and menace of noir with the high-stakes tension and suspense of a thriller. The Drowning City is the first of five episodes in the first season.


Save $15.99

Loretta Sweet and her identical twin sister, Lacy, have recently inherited a home in Misery, Mississippi, from their distant relative, (Aunt) Tess McCoy.

Their aunt’s attorney insists that the girls meet him at the property to discuss the specifics of the will. When the sisters arrive for the meeting, they discover that there is more…much more to the will than just inheriting a home.


Save $14.95

Pastry chef Tess Crawford thought moving from Chicago to quiet Silver Springs, Arizona would simplify her life. That was before she found the body of a woman with whom she had traded heated words the previous night. It left her fingerprints on the murder weapon, and came under attack for trying to clear her name.

When her cheating ex-fiance shows up, intent on convincing her to come back to work for him, Tess—armed with an extra batch of éclairs—decides to take control and solve the mystery herself, with the help of friends and frenemies alike.


Save $.99

Zack Vernon is an immortal Observer sent to watch the world on behalf of the Creator. When his suicide attempt fails spectacularly and earns him a spot on the national news, the other Observers are drawn to him.

They believe Zack to be the reincarnation of a rebellious Observer from a previous world. Several of them plan to punish him for the sins they believe he committed. One of them wants back the man she has loved through hundreds of worlds. But Zack remembers nothing before the present. All he wants is a chance to end his life.


Save $2.99

Death lurks in every shadow of the Untamed, yet it is the only escape for mages from the bondage they are born into. For those mages unable to flee the nobles that enslave them, their only hope lies with a class of slave that is now all but extinct; the Arbiters.

When Drystan woke to find he had blood on his hands, he knew he had gone too far. The crime he committed normally punished by death, Drystan’s only hope is pleading his case to an Arbiter, mages bred to judge their peers through powers they alone can tap. Cold and emotionless, Prue must determine Drystan’s fate, but not before they find themselves entangled in a mage uprising the likes of which has never been seen before.


Save $10.00

Two Moons has just been inducted into the Cheyenne Dog Man society of the Kit Foxes. He is sad to leave Grandfather but he takes his place among the other young men of his tribe.

When the soldiers murder Grandfather, Two Moons is left to bury him. He then struck out on the prairie to make his way alone. Who will the Great Spirit sent to guide him through these times? We watch him take this journey with Young Man, Crazy Horse, and Man Afraid.


Save $.99

In 1881, explorers in the Rocky Mountains discovered gateways to another planet. Britain and the United States quickly partnered to colonize and exploit this rich new world.

Now it’s 1896, and the promise of a new beginning has drawn ex-Sergeant Edwin Barnes. With his wife Evangeline, and a group of former British colonial soldiers to the new world. Having faced the Zulu, the Ashanti, and the Boers, are well-equipped to provide security. This, for one of the many exploration companies seeking riches on the unknown planet.

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Where is the “I Love Free Kindle Books” Emoji?!

Where is the “I Love Free Kindle Books” Emoji?!

That’s true can anyone tell me where I can find the “I love free Kindle books” emoji? Or, can someone invent it? I’d do it if I knew how to. LOL.

Either way, I’m sorry I posted a little late today. I had a few things to take care of today. However, I found some great books for you. Go ahead and download your heart away, the deals may end soon. Stay tuned for the next post.

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Coppey and Payste is a comic which features two NYPD cops having a conversation.

Full of humour and disturbing thoughts! There is added content of the ‘File Flies’ two flies who are on Coppey’s desk who discuss their daily life! Season 2 is on its way and will be available late 2017.


Do you wish you had a better body?

Would you like to live healthier?
Do you need some inspiration to help you achieve your fitness goals?

If so, then Weight Loss: Law of Attraction – Lose Weight Fast With No Diet Tips and Tricks For Easy Weight Loss, 2nd Edition is the book for you!


Do you want to be successful, but you don’t know how?

What if I told you that you can be successful using just one skill?
A skill that allows you to get amazing results and also enjoy life. Have you guessed what I’m talking about? I’m talking about productivity.

All successful people are very, very productive. They don’t spend time and energy on useless things. They don’t have unfinished tasks, hurries, and constant stress. Successful people use productiveness power and they confidently go for success.


Explore the Fascinating Universe of Aliens and UFOs!

Are you fascinated by the unknown? Have you seen a UFO? Do you want to know the truth about alien encounters?

With this Special Fourth Edition of UFOs and Aliens: UFO Secrets (& Conspiracies) – Area 51, Alien & UFO Encounters, Alien Civilizations & the New World Order (Conspiracy), you’ll learn what aliens are, what the Roswell UFO incident was, and how the UFO controversy began. You’ll also discover what Area 51 is — and why “ufologists” are so fascinated with this secretive facility.


Explore the Fascinating and Frightening World of Organized Crime!

Are you fascinated by the Mafia?

Have you always wondered how these groups operate?

Do you want to know the ugly truth about the Mafia’s serial killers?

With this book Organized Crime – The “Mafia” & It’s Many Tentacles: Serial Killers, Cartels, Gambling, Prostitution, Money Laundering, & Drugs , you’ll learn about the most influential and famous organized crime groups in the world. You’ll also discover why the Italian mafia was INVITED to help the Italian government! And why that turned out the be a very, very, very bad idea…
Hurry! Download Organized Crime right away!


Yes – You can dramatically increase your client base with this amazing book!

In this Expanded 2nd Edition of Social Media: How to Skyrocket Your Business Through Social Media Marketing! Master Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, & LinkedIn, you’ll be taken through a step-by-step process on how to market your products and services on many popular sites and platforms:








and Tumblr!

Read this book on your PC, Mac, Smartphone, Tablet, or Kindle!


Explore the many Lucrative Options for Retireing Comfortably and Retiring Early

Are you worried about your retirement?

Do you think about how to invest your money?

Do you want a proven way to a comfortable & rich retirement?

With this book Retirement – Money Management, & Investing: “Investing Basics” to Ensure: Wealth, Passive Income, & Early Retirement , you’ll learn about:

Best ways to save

Better ways to invest

Best way to ENSURE a comfortable & safe retirement!

Hurry! Download Retirement – Money Management, & Investing: “Investing Basics” to Ensure: Wealth, Passive Income, & Early Retirement right away!

You’re worth it!

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Download This Great Book Today! Available To Read On Your Computer, MAC, Smartphone, Kindle Reader, iPad, or Tablet!

Greek mythology is a collection of stories handed down from generation to generation throughout Greece. Starting in Ancient Greece, these stories were of ancient deities that had a hand in every day concepts, such as the rising and setting of the sun, the different Gods and their responsibilities, and the many tales of heroes and villains. Greek mythology is a very important part of ancient culture.

This book is a collection of the very best Greek Mythological tales, along with some information about this history of Greek Mythology.


This in depth, behind the scenes perspective on one of the most important wars in our history – which shaped not just America, but continues to define Europe as well, will transplant you into the rich, intense and multi layered world of war planning and strategy, intrigue power.


Network marketing is affiliate marketing.

No, it is a pyramid scheme. It is all a fraud and not worth your time. Have you been told this? Maybe, you are thinking one or all of those statements, right now?

There are certainly plenty of misconceptions in the world about network marketing, what it is and how it can benefit you. It does not help that there are two similar concepts to network marketing and one method is definitely fraudulent.

Do not turn away because you worry that network marketing is not worth your time or worse will turn into a money-sucking mistake.

When you have the right information, you can make part-time income from network marketing. When you choose the right company, you avoid the common mistakes others have made.


What if you no longer worried and stressed about whether you performed the best that you possibly could during a job interview? Imagine having the confidence to know that you prepared thoroughly for any job interview that you have, and being assured that you would be receiving a job offer.

Bestselling author, David Barron, reveals the strategies that you need to know to perform to the best of your abilities at any job interview. Rather than guiding you on what to say, this book will train you in how to think so that you will be prepared to answer any question that your interviewer may ask.


Azech the Fourth, is the King and Emir of the northern tribe.

He rules with an iron fist and is feared throughout the mighty kingdom.

His wife and Emira, Olivia harbors a dark secret, so dark that any reveal will threaten the entire foundation on which she walks.

Tragedy strikes when Saya, a commoner from the south with the gift to see into the future gets visions of the demise of her only brother.


The Beginner’s Guide On How To Make Money Blogging in 2017

Blogging Secrets To Create a Powerful and Profitable Blog Home Based Business

Blogging For Beginners + $75 worth of Bonus


Several books and authors have written about relationships and marriage tips,

…but none has been able to mention the key secrets of successful marriages, dating and relationships. This book reveals some secrets of successful marriages , dating and relationships which can help to sustain your marriage or intimate relationship. Are you facing some challenges in your marriage and you are confused and don’t know what to do? Are you into a relationship but you are not sure of its fate? Do you have relationship challenges? Have you been having series of failed or unsuccessful relationships which have been robbing you of your happiness and you do not know what to do? This book will provide all the answers and solutions to almost all of your relationship or marriage problems within a very short period of time.


Barking Mad British Traditions, Customs and Sports Volume II

Even more crazy and barking mad things we Brits get up to in our spare time. Want to be world champion at gravy wrestling? Or perhaps you fancy swan upping?

This is Volume II of Barking Mad British traditions and Sports. Volume I has been well received so I thought I’d write a follow-up. I hope you will be glad I have. Inside you will learn about twenty of the most crazy, silly and of course barking mad things we British do to have a bit of fun and keep ourselves occupied. We are known for our eccentricity – here’s some proof!

There is some bizarre stuff inside. For example the strange world of swan upping and the spookiness of turning the Devil’s stone or the mysterious Moonraking festival. Then some of the barking mad world championships – snail racing, egg throwing and clog cobbing to name but three.


When was the last time you stopped to express your gratitude?

If you’re like most people, you probably spend more time complaining about lack than being grateful for what you’ve already got.

But what if you realized that by expressing gratitude for everything you DO have right now, you could open the floodgates for more good things to flow into your life? Wouldn’t you be grateful to have more joy, harmony, health, wealth and more happiness in your life?


Tales of the Eastern Dagger adds two enrapturing stories to the novelette,

Dawn of the Eastern Dagger, which started it all:

Lanela is one of King Aghajan’s greatest assassins, but she is no match for his best killer, the Eastern Dagger. She is sent to train with this mysterious figure and finds herself fearing the legendary warrior even more than the King himself—however, upon meeting the Eastern Dagger and joining in on one of his perilous missions, Lanela discovers that there is much more to this disillusioned soldier than she’d ever imagined.


While driving through Amish country in Unity, Maine, Freya Wilson accidentally hits an Amish man in a blizzard, instantly killing him. Panicked, she leaves him there in the road and drives away, afraid that if she is arrested her violent ex will locate her using his connections with the police…and kill her.
Two Christmases later, her decision still haunts her, especially when she meets the Amish man’s handsome brother who left the Amish after the accident.
Will she have the courage to tell him the truth? Or will she keep her dark secret in order to protect herself?

Enigma: a person or thing that is mysterious or difficult to understand.

Isaac Holt is the very definition of an enigma. He is mysterious, dangerous, alluring and knee clankingly gorgeous. After a chance meeting, I was falling at his feet, literally. His magnetizing allure has the ability to electrify all of my senses with the simple touch of his fingertip.

But no matter how much my body craves Isaac’s touch, I can’t have him. Morally and ethically, he is off limits. He is the enemy. My rational thinking head logically understands this, but my lust-drive…


What if everyone knew what you were thinking?

For fifteen year old Stephen Smart, there’s no such thing as being alone with his thoughts. When he discovers that people can hear what he’s thinking, Stephen’s ordinary life is turned upside down. Now the hot girls know exactly what he thinks of them, his teachers know exactly what he wants to say to them and his relationship with friends and family just became a whole lot more complicated.


Simple wisdom, profound truth, helpful advice

Life on planet Earth can be very complex. Dr. Myles Munroe believes that complexity can be made into simplified principles and that wisdom is the application of these timeless principles.

With the wisdom of Solomon, Myles Munroe shares 40 wise and personal insights to refresh and empower you to tackle life’s challenges. This interactive devotional journal immerses you into a world where God’s power infuses you with wisdom that you never thought possible.


Every year, millions of people wait for love to find them.

The glue that holds our loosely strung and sometimes battered souls together, many believe that love will miraculously show up on their doorstep. But destiny isn’t a matter of chance – it’s a matter of choice. As Valentine’s Day approaches, follow the three intertwined love stories of six hopeful souls who will choose their destiny in love and let their hearts fall where they may. Saying, “I love you,” or “be mine,” is never easy. But if you want something you’ve never had, you’ve got to do something you’ve never done.


Fifteen-year-old Grace “Gray” Fable can speak to the dead. When her dad moves from Los Angeles to be with his mysterious girlfriend, Gray must attend notorious Willowbrook High School, the scene of a mass shooting five years earlier. When she meets the ghosts of those who died that tragic day – including the school shooter himself – she must uncover a dark secret to lay the victims to rest, and find peace for their families before it’s too late to stop another tragic massacre.

Thank goodness for Free Kindle Books!

Thank goodness for Free Kindle Books!

Let’s start off the work week with a healthy dose of Kindle freebies. Since I’m broke, I always say, “Thank goodness for Amazon!”

Yeah, I like to read. However, reading for free is even better! I am gaining a lot of free knowledge. Here is the first post-Christmas list of free Kindle books for you. Remember to subscribe and get these freebies into your library.

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The books posted here DO NOT reflect the values and beliefs of Yo Santana! While we post books that may be contrary to the court of public opinion, the need to inform the populace is more important by stating different opinions and letting the readers decide.

Enjoy the ride…

in this fast-paced FBI thriller as one of the toughest Special Agents ever to come out of Quantico buckles up for her first adventure. Resourceful and tenacious, Ingrid Skyberg is virtually indestructible: she can take whatever her adversaries throw at her and still get up for more.


Obsession, lust and revenge…

Part murder mystery, part psychological chiller, this unique, dark, serial killer thriller is a real page turner.

‘A tale of twisted minds, psychopathic planning and dark moods… A really enjoyable read.’
‘I always felt like I was reading with my hands over my eyes, sort of peeking through my fingers, cringing at what I knew what was coming next…’
‘If you like your books gritty, dark with complex characters and a plot that takes you with it to the grand finale then you will enjoy this…’
‘Hooked me right from the start, a build up in tension as the book rolls along and some twists that will put a big smile on your face…’
‘Not for the lily livered…’

Relocation Without Dislocation:

Make New Friends And Keep the Old by Ndeye Labadens is an excellent and helpful guide that will provide readers not only with information regarding their moving needs but also about the resources they need when it comes to moving and how to utilize these tools so that their relocation is a success. Relocating can be stressful, and the author’s personal experiences have enabled her to share everything that is required from websites to links to online tools to make moving a pleasant experience. Whether you are a student, a business owner, a professional, or a homemaker, this book will help you accept the challenges that come with relocating and handle it in a mature and good way.


A religious relic leads Acapulco

detective Emilia Cruz into a maze of revenge killings and drug smuggling in DIABLO NIGHTS, the third novel in the series that takes you inside Mexico’s drug wars with a fearless style and an unforgettable woman.


Filled with simple and amusing illustrations,

this charming story of a man looking for the perfect Christmas present for his wife will immerse the reader in the spirit and romance of the season. After missing out on the “must have” gift of the year, battling unruly mall crowds, and bartering with a riddling elf, he is left with nothing but a mysterious gift wrapped box he can’t get open. But with the help of some Christmas magic he realizes he’s had the perfect gift all along. The same gift that is within us all:

“The best gift to give; the best give to receive.” The Christmas Gift.


When her husband dies unexpectedly

Jane Stark is left with four young boys and a mother-in-law who hates her. When she finds herself pregnant with the longed-for baby girl her husband wanted and ex-detective Rick — moves in next door, Jane doesn’t know whether to be happy or overwhelmed with the changes life has handed her.


Special Forces veteran and ex-CIA operative, Jake Noble

, is living on his boat trying to scrape together enough money for his mother’s cancer treatments. When his former handler offers him 150k dollars to find a missing girl, Noble delves back into the seedy underbelly of Manila’s sex trade. The clock is ticking on the girl’s life and Noble will need all his old skills to survive. Every move he makes unravels another deadly secret and what he finds goes deeper than a random kidnapping…


If you’re not living the life you’ve always dreamed of,

perhaps it’s because you’ve picked up negative thinking and behaviors that are keeping you from enjoying your life. Many of us know when we’re not happy or fulfilled, but we may not know the reasons. God’s Word is completely practical and it gives us insight into how we were designed to live. When we approach it looking for answers, God reveals to us what is missing.


In the fall of 1984,

Cold War tensions between Washington and Moscow are close to breaking.

But in sleepy Gainesville, Florida, fourteen-year-old Janis Graystone is mainly worried about starting high school, earning a spot on the varsity soccer team, and keeping her older sister from running her life. And then there are her paranormal experiences. Experiences where she awakens in her backyard — out of her body — with the disturbing sense that someone is watching her.


It’s decision time for the teens of Oakwood:

join the Champions and develop their supernatural abilities or be expelled from the neighborhood — and each other’s lives — forever.

For Janis, there are no clear answers. It doesn’t help that she and Scott, now girlfriend-boyfriend, disagree over the Program’s intentions. Janis just wants to know what happened to the last team. Is that so crazy? And why does Director Kilmer seem determined to keep that information a mystery?


Being a telepath is no picnic

, something Janis Graystone is learning firsthand. In the wake of a brutal attack and new warnings of a group with dark designs on her powers, Janis finds herself withdrawing from those closest to her, even the friend she’s falling for.

Scott Spruel senses Janis’s growing distance, and he’ll do anything to help her. That’s what friends are for, right? But will using his supernatural abilities only cement his deadly fate — the one Janis is trying to protect him from?


Colin and Anna are sent to Baton Rouge

by the Angel with only one directive: keep their past a secret, including their relationship. Believing their new mission would be short-lived, Colin agrees, but as the months pass and the demons they’ve grown accustomed to fighting defy every rule of war between Heaven and Hell, it seems more and more likely that the city has nothing to do with the unusual behavior of these demons and everything to do with this couple.


Deadly spells. Magical mysteries. Supernatural battles. There’s only so much action one mage can handle.


I’m the guy you come to when your spouse gets bitten by a werewolf,

or your honey is kidnapped by a demon. I’m the guy who knows how to save your ass when an evil sorcerer casts a curse on it.

At least, I was that guy until the Society of Shadows sent me to Dearmont, Maine, a sleepy town that had a zero rating on the supernatural occurrences scale.


Be Honest…

Do you have the happy, healthy, fulfilling relationship that you’ve always wanted?
(It’s ok to answer, no one’s watching)

The book was written exclusively for 2 types of people. If you’re an intelligent, self-aware person who; is ready for a new relationship and wants to build an amazing love from scratch OR
desires to rekindle your mediocre relationship, and want that deeply passionate connection that comes from being heard, respected, genuinely appreciated and unconditionally loved…
Then this is YOUR book.Psychotherapist Christine brewer uses her extensive clinical experience to give you valuable real world, hard-earned skills gathered from years of clinical observation working with all types of personalities and couples from a myriad of backgrounds. She had sifted through the self-help noise to reveal clear, universal patterns and give you tangible results that real couples need to thrive for life.

Friending Charlie Daniels tracks the Facebook pages of a variety of posters,

from your spouse to your parents, from home town friends to long lost buddies, from relatives and coworkers to the occasional stalker. Everyone gets there “fifteen minutes of fame” on the social network that circles the globe. Have a look inside and giggle a little.You just might find someone you know…


Whether you’re afraid of creepy crawlies

like spiders, anxious about being naked, or intrigued by magical dreams, Dreams: The Ultimate Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams and Finding the Hidden Meanings is the book for you!


Get Everyone To Like You

Let me show you how you can become the kind of person other people to want to be around, the kind of person who seem to have people hanging onto every word the speak.


Whether a Minecraft noob or seasoned veteran, this book will have a huge impact on what you are able to create on Minecraft! Utilizing the most up to date building techniques, this book will guide you through creating a simple shelter to a state of the art Minecraft palace!



The Wave at Hanging Rock blends together two seemingly unrelated tales.

A young man tells the story of his coming-of-age on the wild Atlantic coast, where he fails to notice the disturbing behaviour of his best friend.

A young woman’s husband goes missing at sea in circumstances which don’t make sense. And while she searches for him, it seems she also has something to hide.



Do you wish you could really take charge of your life? Have you always thought you could be more – accomplish more? Are your dreams sitting on the shelf – waiting for a moment of inspiration?
When you download The Law of Attraction and Miracles: A Practical Guide to Easily Manifesting Everything You Want Instantly!, you’ll discover how to make your dreams come true! These fun and easy tips can help you transform your life and get what you really want. You’ll be proud to show off your accomplishments to your friends, co-workers, and family!


Emotional Quotient

is a widely used term in psychology, and although most of us are more concerned with Intelligence Quotient, EQ is just as important as your IQ. In fact, EQ plays a big part in an individual’s success.

What happens when you harness your EQ?
You develop a high state of mental well-being.
Become more skilled in resolving conflict with other people.
You get to create and maintain good relationship with friends, family and colleagues.
You become the source of a positive environment and attract others.
Those are just few of the many benefits of enhancing one’s EQ!

The question is,

would you like to lose weight simply without cravings, uncertainty, and slaving away for hours in the gym to reveal the lean body buried under pounds of excess fat? Just imagine how great it would be to have done-for-you Meal Planning recipes AND tips to feel more confident in your own skin and freely live life as the most attractive version of yourself…
Meal Prep – The Practical Guide to Preparing Quick, Delicious Meals for Weight Loss, No Stress and Faster Fat Burning Results is here to help! This book will help you save time, energy and money as it gives you not only 35 of the tastiest recipes you can make, but also reveals the best time-saving techniques to install your meal prepping habit and get even GREATER results.

If you struggle with binge eating,

emotional eating, stress eating, or if you repeatedly manage to lose weight only to gain it all back, you may be approaching things with the wrong mindset.

Have you ever “felt fat”?
Do you beat yourself up when one bite of cookie dough turns into eating the whole batch?
Have you dieted yourself into a larger dress size?
Are you frustrated because hours of exercise have produced zero results?

Free Kindle Ebooks For Everyone!

Free Kindle Ebooks For Everyone!

Hi! I have a nice variety of Free Kindle ebooks for everyone! Take a look at the titles and pick out the ones you want for your collection.

I post affiliate links here. Please CLICK ME for more information on affiliate links.

REMINDERS: The promotion reserves the right to end at any time. So, please remember to do the following: Double-check the price to make sure the book is still free, make sure you download the books right away. Lastly, send your to for these .

DISCLOSURE: I am NOT responsible for any quality issues with any Kindle e-book you download. If there are any problems, please contact .com for more information.


q?_encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B00GFDTJTY&Format=_SL250_&ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=angesant-20 Free Kindle Ebooks  For Everyone!ir?t=angesant-20&l=li3&o=1&a=B00GFDTJTY Free Kindle Ebooks  For Everyone!

A Christmas Novella:

Lady Juliet Lindsay has made a colossal mistake. In the face of her parents’ rejection she realizes that a single stolen kiss could cost her everything. Sent to her aunt and uncle’s home in Scotland, she finds something in the rugged highland beauty that steals her heart…and a highland man, who seems her other half.

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As Introverts we tend to live very inner lives, socializing within small circles and enjoying extended periods of alone time which allow us to charge up our batteries.

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Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

-Weight loss
-How to increase your fiber
-Natural Supplements
-Super Foods
-How to reduce Fat Levels
-How to manage stress
-Much, much more!

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Anglican Mary Langton longs to marry for love. Puritan Barnabas Horton still grieves the loss of his beloved wife, but he knows his two young sons need a mother. And yet these two very different people with very different expectations will take a leap of faith, wed, and then embark on a life-changing journey across the ocean to the Colonies.

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Essential Oils : A proven Guide for Essential Oils Beginners Guide For Weight Loss, Aromatherapy, Beauty and Stress Relief (43 Essential Oils Recipes ,Essential Oils Book)

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Cookies Cookbook

second edition contains 40 Quick & Easy Tasty Italian cookies for kids!

Would You Like To Know More?

Download and start enjoying these tasty treats!!
Scroll to the top of the page and select the buy button.

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How Can You Go Wrong With Superfoods-Only Diet?

FACT:Way too many of us live in a state of poor health, lethargy and moderate obesity. We live with headaches, back pain, inflammation, arthritis, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, skin problems, insomnia and cancer – they’re all the byproducts of modern western diet, based on…

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This book will teach you how to get started with Facebook. As one the major social media, Facebook is vital for personal communication as well as business promotions. This book will give you a step-by-step directions on creating your Facebook account. If you are ready to start using Facebook, this book…

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Beards, brothers, and bikers! Oh my!

Identical twins Beau and Duane Winston might share the same devastatingly handsome face, but where Beau is outgoing and sociable, Duane is broody and reserved. This is why perpetually level-headed Jessica James has been in naïve and unhealthy infatuation with Beau Winston for most of her life. Whereas Duane and Jessica have always been adversaries. She can’t stand him, and she’s pretty sure he can’t stand the sight of her…

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A sexy, intriguing stranger arrives unexpectedly at her Wyoming ranch, threatening the one thing Cambria protects more fiercely than her heart — her family. Bodie’s discovery that he fathered a son 17 years ago leads him to the warm and welcoming Weston family. That’s the easy part. But his response to one member of the family is far more than he ever expected. The sparks between him and Cambria are real …

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In our time, people haven’t forgotten yet how to make wishes and dream how to realize them. But many people, thinking on a wish, subconsciously bring it right to the category of unrealistic ones. In fact, to make this wish come true, you need to believe in this, to create a goal and move towards it with confidence. In this book, you won’t find any magic or fable. My goal is to help you to bring your dreams into life, and not just the most cherished ones (which seem to be unachievable), but some more realistic, and no less important in your life.

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Do you know guys who have lots of dates, sex, and girlfriends, but don’t have any girls who are friends?

Let me ask you this: Do you think they care?

True alpha males have friendships with men and have sexual relationships with women.

If you have the opposite problem—lots of friends who are girls but not as much sex as you’d like—then you’ve come to the right place.

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Throughout all his speeches, Anthony Robbins teaches us many different valuable life-changing lessons. When we listen, we can notice that there are seven main lessons he encourages for people to learn. By learning and implementing these lessons and habits into your everyday life, you can increase your likelihood of achieving your goals and manifesting your dreams into reality. These habits work in both your personal life, as well as your career life, and will assist you in making the most of any opportunity. It is important to realize that you must work simultaneously on your personal and business lives to achieve success in either, because as Anthony says: “Success without fulfillment is failure.” You cannot truly succeed in one, if you are unhappy and failing within’ the other.

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Retirement Planning for Smart People is a book that looks beyond finances and at certain preparation that matters just as much as setting up a budget and saving for retirement.

You have a new life to look forward to in retirement. Your kids are growing up, probably out of the house, living their lives, and you are free to travel. You are free to see how you and your spouse like each other after a lifetime of living together. Some couples find it is better to be semi-retired versus around each other 24/7. Other couples jump right into spending their time together and enjoying the retirement years.

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Speed reading is a powerful technique that can help advance your career, get you through school and accelerate your learning in life. Through learning to speed read, you will be able to work at a quicker pace, retain information better, and comprehend things much faster.

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Off-Duty Christmas

Devastated at losing her parents at eighteen, she continues to mourn their death. Kaitlyn buries herself in her work, dispatching for the Cedar Creek Police Department. When holidays roll around, she works harder. If anyone attempts to get close romantically, she pushes them away refusing to love again. That’s before Bryce, the handsome new Texas Game Warden comes to town vowing to change…

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Pilgrim Cove–where love is as powerful as the ocean next door..

On the surface, Pilgrim cove seems like any other coastal town. Picturesque and peaceful with long stretches on unspoiled beach, fresh ocean breezes and the sense of time passing slowly.

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No one does the holidays like the quirky little town of Sapphire Falls!

Now available in one bundle, the holiday fan favorites, Getting In the Spirit and Getting In the Mood, along with the bonus short, Getting Frisky, will take you from Christmas to New Year’s Eve to Valentine’s Day in the small town that does everything big– celebrations, fun… and falling in love…

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Sometimes help comes from the most unlikely of hands, and sometimes getting lost is the surest way to be found…

After learning shocking news about the man she’s been planning her future around, Anica Tomlin cashes in her graduation gift to herself a little early—a trip to Tuscany. But from the moment she boards the wrong train in Pisa, her plans for solitude and self-indulgence begin to unravel around her…

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In the first book of the thrilling Chasing Chinatown trilogy, a killer is loose in San Francisco, and he’s collecting body parts.

SFPD has no witnesses and no suspects, but FBI Agent Abby Kane believes a dead hiker found ten miles north of the city is the key to solving those crimes.

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“Sensuality fairly stems from Bernard’s writing.” — Sabrina Jeffries, New York Times bestselling author

Darius Thorne has learned to use his wit and intelligence to strategize a better life for himself. He is the White Knight amidst the small secret circle of gentlemen known only as The Jaded. The handsome scholar shields his heart by keeping a studied distance from the world…until he rescues a beautiful woman.

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“A sweet, tender love story that captured my heart from the beginning! I’m grateful that I was able to read the book in one day because I am certain that if necessary, I would have stayed up several – this novel is THAT engrossing!” Paula Rose Michelson, Author of Christian Inspirational Fiction, Nonfiction & Self-help.

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The discovery of objects approaching from Jupiter orbit sets humanity on edge, sending cities into panic. Most is unknown, but thanks to the popular Astral space app, everyone knows the few facts the government has tried to hide…

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Earth is overcrowded and polluted.
A new planet, Exilon 5, has been located.
But Exilon 5 is already occupied.

Becoming Human is the first book in this post-apocalyptic dystopian series. Read the books in order: Becoming Human, Altered Reality, Crimson Dawn.

Don’t Just Sit There! Get Your Free Kindle ebooks!

Don’t Just Sit There! Get Your Free Kindle ebooks!

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Fruits and vegetables are loaded with so many powerful phytonutrients, antioxidants and disease-fighting properties. When you drink a fresh juice, you’re getting an abundant amount of these nutrients sent directly into your body in just one drink…

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It is with these words that an unknown alien attacker destroys the Earth cities of Tehran, Sydney and Beijing. Fifty million people die… and nothing is ever the same again.

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Jay Zander was a cheerful ten year old living in the painfully quiet town of Mentis, home to only dust and daydreams. But, things take a terrifying turn when this serene town, and many others, are struck by a mysterious meteor shower, forcing Jay’s family to lock him away in frozen slumber as protection from the impending doomsday. Now, thirteen years later, Jay awakes in a new world overrun by vicious creatures know as shadows, where he embarks on a journey to unearth a legendary organization of powerful individuals who may hold the key to saving the planet completely lost in darkness.

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A mysterious shadow has been cast over the Kingdom of Ortaria.

A young man leaves his village to search for answers. His adventure takes him across a dangerous land of magic, monsters, wizards and warriors.

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When a sexually-transmitted plague breaks out in Ashley Young’s small town, leaving its victims with a bizarrely amplified libido, everything about her life changes. DEAD IN BED is partly a suspense thriller with a strikingly original story, partly a page-turning mystery about a disease that makes people…

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It’s just a printer.

That’s what Steve Holland tells himself when he brings the machine into his family’s home. Even when he struggles to get the printer working, he tells his wife that there’s no reason to worry. After all, a printer can’t actually hurt anyone.

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James Spence doesn’t believe in ghosts,

so he has no worries about going with his girlfriend Rachel to visit an old, abandoned country home.

Rachel, meanwhile, is convinced that a weekend at Shapley Hall will make James change his mind. After all, she knows from bitter experience that the the house is haunted by a woman who once died in the most horrific manner possible, and who now waits to be reunited with her long-lost child.

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There was no warning. No way to prepare. One might think that the end of the world would come slowly, or loudly, or perhaps so quickly that the end would be a vast dark nothing. One might think there would be news traveling of impending doom. Some hint of how the human race would die. One would think…

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An inexplicable pregnancy…

Tara folded and unfolded the pink referral slip. Her fingers made sweat marks on the paper. “I can’t be pregnant. I haven’t had sex.”

Lisa M. Lilly’s heart pounding supernatural thriller, The Awakening, tells the story of one young woman who finds her life at risk over a phenomenon she cannot understand.

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When the US Marshals Serial Crimes Tracking Unit comes knocking at Aislinn Cain’s door, she is given a chance to use her past to save other people’s futures. She has survived attacks by two different serial killers and devoted her life to studying the darker side of human history.

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In the cold, dark nights of Alaska, a hunter is stalking his prey. Once found, he takes them into the woods and skins them alive, prolonging the experience as much as he can, but the satisfaction always wanes.

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Catrin Volker dreams of a peaceful life training horses.

It’s not to be. Comets appear in the night skies, announcing the return of a goddess. While trying to save her friend from bullies, Catrin unknowingly triggers powerful, ancient, magic and fulfills a prophecy that says she will destroy entire nations.

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Catrin leaves her homeland behind as she goes in search of knowledge and peace, unaware that she will face the greatest evil her world has ever known…

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John Decker left Wolf Haven, Louisiana, to escape the memories of his troubled past, believing he would never return. But after twenty years working for a big city police department, he suddenly finds himself back in Wolf Haven, taking the reins as the town’s sheriff.

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Eighteen year old Myla Lewis is a girl who loves two things: kicking ass and kicking ass. She’s not your every day quasi-demon, half-demon and half-human, girl. For the past five years, Myla has lived for the days she gets to fight in Purgatory’s arena.

q?_encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B01LZC73OT&Format=_SL160_&ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=angesant-20 Don't Just Sit There! Get Your Free Kindle ebooks!ir?t=angesant-20&l=li2&o=1&a=B01LZC73OT Don't Just Sit There! Get Your Free Kindle ebooks!

Dr. Grace Lord has just landed her dream job aboard a medical space station. It only takes a few moments, and an attack by an animal-adapted combat soldier, for her to realize this assignment will be…

The Cutest Christmas Post Ever!

The Cutest Christmas Post Ever!

By Angela Santana


I am nowhere near to being what you would call “A Softy”. All that gushy stuff used to irk the hell out of me. Seeing the doting couples out there all over each other always made me say, “I give it a year…maybe.”

Well, the high school student who reached out to me with the following request had me saying, “Aweeeee”, for a while. I will not go into details, but I will summarize his request. He wanted a list of “reasonably priced” gifts that read, “I Love You” on them. He specifically said that he didn’t want a stuffed animal you see on Valentine’s Day. His budget is $50 with the price of shipping included.

He wanted something more unique. He asked that any cliché words not be included, I totally understand that. I abhor the term, “I love you to the moon and back”.

Since I have already presented with his list, I decided that I will post the rest I like here for you. Simply click the pictures to see the prices of the items. Make it a very Merry Christmas!

I post affiliate links here. Please CLICK ME for more information regarding affiliate links.

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